Measurement of conductivity is calculated by measuring the resistance which is the ion-carrying capacity of an electrolytic solution in the electrical field between the two electrodes put in the electrolytic solution to induce current.
Salinity of solution is measured by measurements of chlorine, conductivity, reflectivity or specific gravity
- Heat Exchanger
- Steam Generator
- Fresh Water Generator
Technical data
- Power supply : AC110 ~ 230V, 50/60Hz
- Measuring Range : 0 ~ 200 PPM (Standard Scale : PPM = mg Nacl/Ltr)
- Alarm Range : 80PPM(User can be convert)
- Output : Alarm Horn Contact,
- Output : Solenoid Valve Contact,
- Output : Signal Output(4 ~ 20mA)
- Power fail function : DC24V(10A)
- Auto. Temperature Compensation : 0 ~ 140กษ(50 ~ 285F)
Sensor with safety valve
The measuring-cells belonging to this safety valve can be constructed differently.
Even separate the sensor from the safety valve, the fluid of tank can not be out.
So the maintenance is very easy.