When the obhect to be measured touches the electrode inserted in the tank, the capacitance and conductance between the electrode and tank wall change.
This impedance variation is taken out as electric signal(ON-OFF), and the instrument detects the existence or no existence, or interface of the object.
Capacitive electrodes of CLS detect levels of virtually every product.
- Interface : Oil and water interface.
- Powder : Plastic power, Slaked lime, Carbon, Iron oxide, Dust, Soil and Send.
Technical data
Installation Method TOP or Side mounting
Conn. Size PT3/8" ~ PT2" Thread, Flange Type
Power Supply AC100 ~ 250V, 50/60Hz Free
DC20 ~ 72V
Output Contact Relay(SPDT), 250VAC 10A / 30VDC 10A
Material Housing ADC 12
Rod Teflon / SUS 316L
Max, Pressure 10Kg/Cm2
Max, Temperature -40 ~+80กษ
Frequency 400KHz
Sensitivity 1/2/3 0.5 ~ 20 / 2 ~ 50 / 20 ~ 1000pF
Protection IP66