Mechanical spring set is utilized to position the controlled device to either the fully open or fully closed position without any external power source.
A mechanical buffer employed at the end of the spring stroke reduce the dynamic effects of the spring return system.
- For On-Off and modulating
- Manual override
- Robust actuator in anodized and epoxy-polyester coated
- Enclosure IP67. Optional Explosion Proof EEx d II B T4
- Marine application: Ballast water line, F.O & D.O line, Air line, Fire fighting line, etc
Model Torque
Spring return time(90) Op. time Duty Motor
Close Open
SR-20 20Kg.m 2sec. 32sec. 50sec. 100% 200w
Modulating Control Rated Current(A) Number of
Handle turn
Input Output 110V 220V 380/440VAC
4..20mA 4..20mA 3.5A 1.6A 1.6A 80 60Kgf
1~5V DC
1~10V DC
Enclosure Watertight IP67 / Option - Ex d II B T4
Ambient Temperature -20 ~ 55
Power Supply 1Ph 110/230 VAC 50/60Hz
Limit Switch Open/Close Limit switch (250VAC 16A)
Travel Angle 90 5
Indicator Continuous Position indicator
Self Locking Provided by means of worm wheel
Mechanical Stops External Adjustable Screws
Space Heater 20W
Conduit Entries 3-PF 3/4"
Option : 3-M20, 3-NPT 3/4"
Lubrication Sheel ALVIDA EP2
Materials Aluminium Alloy
Surface Treatment Anodizing
Coating Polyester (TGIC - Free)