The Marine globe valve actuator is devised for the JIS F globe valve which is difficult to be an automatic.
The Open and Close function for the Actuator is done when the user turns the valve stem.
- For On-Off type
- Manual override
- Robust actuator in anodized and epoxy-polyester coated.
- Enclosure IP67
- Marine globe valve
- Gate valve
Enclosure Watertight IP67
Ambient Temperature -20กษ ~ 70กษ
Power Supply 1Ph 110/230 VAC 50/60Hz
Limit Switch Open/Close Limit switch (250VAC 16A)
Travel Angle Multi turn
Indicator Continuous Position indicator
Self Locking Provided by means of worm wheel
Mechanical Stops External Adjustable Screws
Space Heater Space Heater 20W
Conduit Entries Two PF 3/4"
Lubrication Sheel ALVIDA EP2
Materials Aluminium Alloy
Surface Treatment Anodizing
Coating Polyester (TGIC - Free)